Calum Hemphill's Portfolio


Album track

I released an album in 2015, featuring tracks from EPs I recorded and produced at home. This song features my own synth arrangement and live instrumentation (on Bandcamp).

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Music suite

Music suite

Produced with Audacity and the synth-sequencing app Audiotool, this music mashes up Cat Stevens and Van Morrison samples with my own vocals and keyboards (on Bandcamp).

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In-browser cartoon

An In- Browser Cartoon

A demonstration of a non-SWF animated character, made with PNGs animated with jQuery and CSS, within a site template.

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Podcast: Iconic Album

Created using GarageBand and ProTools, this university project is an account and review of a classic LP by the rapper Tupac Shakur.

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Bread and Wine

A film-noir-influenced short film shot in 2013. Post-production was done with Adobe Premiere and Windows Movie Maker.

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Oxfam ad

Oxfam Advert

Made with Flash 8 in 2010 as the centrepiece of a competition entry, to make an advertising campaign for Oxfam, the entry would come quite close to winning.

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Dr Ratty

Dr Ratty

Though animated entirely by me with Flash 8 at age 13, this was a huge achievement, twenty minutes long with a proper screenplay and voice cast.

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