Marketing Emails Made Simple

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Step 1: Design your email

Step 1: Email design

If you already have a design ready, skip to step 2.

This video shows you how to create an email design, without having to write code, in Microsoft Word.

Scroll down to continue.

Step 2: Have you finished making your design in Word?

Click on the left and right arrows to find out how to create your HTML file from this design.

In Word, go to Save As.


Save your document as either a .html or Web Page file (dependant on what option your version of Word gives).

And that's it! You've now created the HTML file containing your email. However, you also need to make a text-only alternative version of your email, because a minority of recipients either can't or choose not to access graphical emails.


To do this, copy and paste all of the text from your email into Notepad, a programme which is installed on all Windows computers, then adapt what you've written to create the text you'd want in your text-only version.

Once you've finished this alternative version, click Save As and save the file as a .txt document, but set encoding to 'Unicode'.


Now you're HTML and text-only emails are ready to be sent off! Scroll down to continue.

Step 3: Send out your emails with the Meridian Delta Email Sender

Step 3: Use the Meridian Delta Email Sender

This video is six minutes long, but explains fully, concisely and simply about how to use our Email Sender software.

Scroll down for a few hints and tips about the CSV file you create as part of step 3.

Step 4: Make the most of your CSV file

Step 4: Tips for your CSV file

Click on the left and right arrows to see our suggestions.

In Excel, pressing Ctrl and F together opens up the find and replace window. This is useful if you have a large number of addresses.


Simply type in the address you're trying to find and Excel will take you to the correct cell.

You are able to have multiple columns in the file such as first and last names, phone numbers, other contact details etc.


The Email Sender software only needs for there to be a column where the first cell has the word 'Email' in it. All other columns will be ignored.

Finally, we have huge databases of email addresses of our own for you to use!


Find out more on our main website. Thanks for taking the time to complete this tutorial!